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A. Ask for Certainty
     Untuk menanyakan kepastian, kita dapat menggunakan ekspresi-ekspresi berikut ini:
  • Are you sure?
  • Are you sure about it?
  • Are you certain about it?
  • Are you positive about it?
  • Is that definite
B. Expressing Certainty
     Untuk menyampaikan kepastian, kita dapat menggunakan ekspresi-ekspresi
     berikut ini:
  • Yes, I am certain.
  • Of, course.
  • I'm positive.
  • She must be excellent at mechanics.
  • I'm absolutely sure.
  • It's certain that she is a good mechanic.
  • I'm sure about it.
  • I'm quite sure that he told the truth.
  • I'm absolutely sure about the news.
  • I'm no doubt about it.
  • I'm absolutely certain that he told the truth.
  • I'm sure/certain about .....
  • I've no doubt about.....
C. Expressing Uncertainty
     Untuk menyampaikan ketidakpastian atau keraguan kita dapat menggunakan  ekspresi-ekspresi berikut:
  • Sorry, I'm not sure about it.
  • I'm not really sure that  he told the truth.
  • I'm not really sure about it.
  • I'm not too sure about ....
  • I don't know for sure.
  • I'm not completely sure taht ...
  • I'm not a hundred percent sure.
  • I  don't know yet.
  • Not as far as I know.
  • I doubt it.
  • I couldn't say ....
  • There's some doubt in my mind that ....
  • I'm afraid I can't be certain about ....
  • I'm not convinced about ....
  • There's surely some doubt about ....
D. Responding to Uncertainty
     Untuk menanggapi keraguan, kita dapat menggunakan ekspresi-ekspresi berikut ini:
  • I'm a hundred percent certain ....
  • You can be sure about ....
  • I've no doubt about.....
  • It's quite certain ....
  • I don't think there can be any doubt about ....
  • I'm fairly sure ....
  • Everything will be fine.
  • It's all going to be okay.
  • Don't be worried too much. Next time will be better.
1.   Johan : Hi, Yudi, the weather is cloudy. Do you think it will rain soon?
      Yudi   : I think so, I am ... It will rain soon.
       a.   sure
       b.   not sure
       c.   certainty
       d.   doubtful

2.   Mr. James : If I don't have certificate showing ownership of property for
                         guarantee, will the bank lend me some money?
      Mr. Chang : I can't say that for sure.
      The underlined expression is used to express ....
      a.   disappointment
      b.   disagreement
      c.   uncertainty
      d.   dislike

3.   Luna  :    What do you think about Titi?  Will she come tonight?
      Maya :    I don't think she will come.
     From the dialogue above, we know that...
     a.   Maya feels sure taht Titi will come.
     b.   Maya feels uncertain taht Titi  will come.
     c.   Maya doesn't like Titi.
     d.   Maya tries to think about Titi.

4.   Andi   :  Is this your ruler, Toha?
      Toha   :  No, it isn't. That one is mine.
      Andi   :  May I borrow it?
      Toha   :  ......
      Andi   :  Thanks.
      a.   No, thanks
      b.   No, way
      c.    I am not sure
      d.   Certainly. Here you are.

5.   Susan   :  Oh, I have lost my pen. May I borrow yours, John?
      John     :  .....Here you are.
      a.    You are welcome
      b.    I am sorry.
      c.    Thank you.
      d.    Yes, certainly.

6.   Dedy      :  Are you sure that she will come to my party  tonight?
      Mizwar  :   I'm sure about that.
      The underlined sentence is used to express ......
      a.    certainty
      b.    uncertainty
      c.   disagreement
      d.   suggestion

7.   Mrs. Diah   :  Can Dewi operate the computer?
      Nelly          :   May be she can, but ...., I have never seen operate it.
      a.   I'm afraid she can
      b.  I'm surprised to know what ....
      c.  I doubt it
      d.  I'm sure about it

8.   Miss Dina    :   Do you think that the headmaster will be here at 7.30
                             tomorrow morning?
      Miss Ati      :   ....he will. He always gets here before seven.
     a.   I doubt
     b.  I'm sure
     c.  I'm afraid
     d.  I can't stay

9.  Bobby   :  I'm sure Fredy  has forgotten to come here.
     Herman :  ....he always keeps his promises. I know him well.
     a.   I doubt
     b.   I'm sure
     c.   I'm sorry
     d.   I agree with you

10. Your friend  :  Will you come to my house?
      You             :  .....
      a.   Certainly
      b.   No, I'm not
.     c.   No, I won't
      d.   Yes, I do

11.  Iwan   :  Friday is the due date for our assignment.
       Andi   :  Sorry. Could you repeat what you just said?
       Iwan   :  I said Friday is the due date for assignment.
       Andi   :  Yes, you are right, but I'm sure that I can submit it before
                     that. How about you?
       Iwan   :  I'm not so sure I will be able to make it.
       Andi   :  Yes, you can. I'm sure, you can.
       The underlined sentence is used to express ....
       a.   certainty
       b.   uncrtainty
       c.   agreement
       d.   disagreement

12.  Tina  :  Do you want to join us in the coming holiday?
       Sari  :  Where are you going?
       Tina  :  To Pangandaran.
       Sari  :  .... My family plan to visit my grandfather in the village.
      a.   I am certain
      b.   That's a good idea.
      c.   I don't doubt that.
      d.   I am not sure.

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